Visit the Popular Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon

The gorgeous and the most famous hoodoos of Bryce Canyon are located in southwestern Utah, USA. The Bryce Canyon is the best feature of the National Park. Though it is famously known as Bryce Canyon, but in fact it is not really a canyon, it is a unique geological structure known as hoodoos. These hoodoos are formed by stream attrition and cold weather of the lake and river bed opaque rocks.

Bryce Canyon Hoodoos, Utah
Photo Credit: Bryan Pocius on flickr

• The orange, white and red colors of the sedimentary rocks offer outstanding views for visitors.
• The amphitheaters engraved from the eastern rim of the Paunsaugunt Upland in South Utah.
• Over one million visitors visit Bryce Canyon National Park every year.
• Spend a wonderful time visiting the canyon when you visit Utah, the park offers everything for everyone, from kids to adults can enjoy their moment in the park.
• Don’t miss the opportunity when you are in Utah, enjoy the spectacular view of Bryce Canyon.

The famous hoodoos at Bryce Canyon look like the ultimate castle spires of the desert. The National park is considered as a Childs playground and a scientist’s laboratory. It sits on highest elevation around 650m (2000feet). The national park endures three unique climatic zones including Ponderosa Pine forest, Fir/spruce forest and Juniper/Pinyon Pine forest.

Make your vacation more memorable visiting Bryce Canyon along with your Grand Canyon trip. It is located just four hours away from the North Rim of the gorgeous Grand Canyon. We encourage you help you plan a trip from Grand Canyon to the spectacular BCNP (Bryce Canyon National Park) in southern Utah. Here you can find the maps, directions, and other popular activities and hiking and camping information for BCNP. Visit us for more information; we are here to make your trip most memorable and pleasant.

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